Case Study – Archer

“ARCHER CRM Partnership selected BusinessMan as the preferred tool to re-organize our previous project tracking management system after rigorous comparison with similar systems. While cost was an issue to start with and BusinessMan fared well in comparison to many others systems, ultimately we choose BusinessMan because of the flexibility inherent to the Filemaker software and our ability to import complicated databases from other sources without much effort. A friendly, knowledgeable staff willing to work with our strict requirements of quality control and able to work inside our industry’s thought culture was key to sealing the deal. While our bespoke version of BusinessMan is still in development, the time we have spent to date with Computech IT’s staff has been fruitful and productive. Not only have the staff been thoroughly knowledgeable as expected, they have also enable us to understand how BusinessMan works from the inside-out. This knowledge is saving us time now as we work towards completing our version of BusinessMan, since we are better able to understand in the first how the programmers think and in the second has given us a better grasp of what we need out of BusinessMan.”