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Where do I get help on how to use BME?
Please request a demonstration if you would like help with navigating BME. There is also a growing video library available on You Tube, that gives an overview of the basic procedures within BME. If you have already purchased BME, please use your training time bundles .
What support does BME offer?

Support is included with BME SaaS. Standard Support includes email support, with response times within 24 working hours, although it is normally well within that time. Advanced Support adds toll free telephone access whilst Premium Support includes an 8 hour SLA and dedicated engineers. 

Does BME integrate to any other software?
BME can integrate with third party software including industry standard accounting packages. Integration to any software is possible if we have access to the relevant API’s.
Is BME an open or closed solution?
BME is predominantly sold as a closed solution, however it can be sold as an open solution. Please contact Computech for further information.
Can I migrate from BME Client Server to BME Web version?
Yes this is possible. If you are a user of BusinessMan (Client/Server) then please contact us for further information and options.