Case Study – Curadel

Innovative medical company finds the answer in technology

Harvard Medical School professor, John V. Frangioni, M.D., Ph.D, set out to change the world when he realised that surgery was only as good as the limited abilities of the human eye. He created an innovative solution to this problem by developing a novel surgical imaging system, known as FLARE.

Curadel Empowers Surgeons

Dr. Frangioni efforts resulted in over $50 million in funding, but this alone was not the success he was striving for. He took a huge risk and set up his own company Curadel, where he could bring his ideas to the patients who needed them the most. At Curadel, they believe that the system FLARE will be the biggest advance in surgery since anaesthesia, and through Dr.Frangioni’s dedication, will empower surgeons to improve patient care. The team is personally invested in ensuring that FLARE® technology is in every veterinary hospital and human operating room across the country and around the world.

The final piece of the puzzle….

The Curadel Companies exceed their reputation by continuing to develop innovative solutions to common business management challenges. Curadel’s complex business model needed software that could be flexible, comprehensive and reliable to handle its complex financial transactions. However standard business accounting software was too restrictive to accommodate manufacturing, grant funding, Quality Management Systems, HR and task Management. Dr. Frangioni set out to find software that could handle all of their complicated ERP requirements. He found a FileMaker Pro based software called BusinessMan and a CEO with the same passion for customization and service that all of Curadel’s employees share.

FileMakers BusinessMan proves to be a success for all departments.

In the year since Curadel began using BusinessMan to manage all aspects of financial management, the system has grown in complexity and been modified sufficiently as to be a one stop shop for all Curadel customers and employees. They use it for their intranet, employee management, sales and customer tracking, shipping and receiving, and quality management.